Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is the best single life can offer?

I recently came across a Yahoo article on the ten best things about being single. Here is the list.

1. You can make last-minute plans with your friends and stay out all night if you want.
2. You can lie on both sides of your bed and have all the covers to yourself.
3. You can flirt with the opposite sex without someone saying, "Who are you looking at?"
4. You can make your own decisions.
5. You don't have to remember your significant other's birthday or anniversary.
6. You have no one to clean up after.
7. You can leave the toilet seat permanently up if you're a man, or permanently down if you're a woman.
8. You can make a list of things you always wanted to do...and actually do them.
9. You can listen to your favorite radio station in the car.
10. You can actually hold on to the remote control.

Are they serious? And this outweighs the depth of joy that is fostered in marriage? In what world? Let us notice some underlying themes that are being expressed by these reasons.

1) Freedom.
2) Less Responsibility.
3) Control.

What is so good about having these three main desires met. They do not result in growth or in a deeper communion with God or with another person. Admittedly, you will be less free, more responsible, and less able to control things when you are married, but what you gain in return (in a healthy, God-focused relationship) is far more lasting. If you are serious about fostering a holy relationship, the results will be:

1) Service-humility.
2) Responsibility-honor.
3) Deeper understanding of another person and of God's relationship with his people.
4) Covenant -trust.
5) Chance for passing-on faith, tradition, and education through bearing godly offspring.
6) Experiencing deep love and compassion.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, but these examples of the other-focused life of marriage so outweigh the Yahoo list as to seem comic. Some are not called to marriage, and there can be deep satisfaction in that state, but on the whole "man should not be alone." The self-focused life embraced by the Yahoo list shows the hollowness of the world and its lackluster rewards. I would rather give up my remote control for the rest of my life than to be without my beloved wife for an instant.


J-money said...

Amen! Hey, it was well-stated... but I saw another underlying theme to those top ten reasons as well... selfishness!
Hope you're doing well, bro.

Steven Douglas said...

Well said! Selfishness is probably the epitome of idolatry.

txandmn0707 said...

Great post, Steven! Remaining single is promoted in the Bible because it allows one to focus their attention on serving God. The reasons listed by Yahoo are, of course, extremely different. If everyone sought such trivial comforts within the single life without the character that marriage instills, what would our culture look like?