Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pigeon Droppings?

Some biologists are suggesting that large amounts of pigeon droppings may, when dried and later exposed to moisture, cause corrosion in both steel beams and concrete. There is a slight possibility, they infer, that this may have factored into the I-35W bridge collapse.

I wonder if the success with the Minneapolis Peregrine Falcon nesting program in controlling its downtown pigeons might be repeated around bridges all over. Worth a shot.


joe said...

The Bridge collapse was obviously caused by some accelerated structural deterioration that was likely from some corrosive agent. The pigeon droppings left to pile for years can deteriorate steel in addition to carrying diseases and not looking so nice.

This aspect is not commonly known about the pigeons droppings and we won't know for sure soon, or possibly ever whether the bird poop played a pivotal role in this disaster.

The Minnesota DOT could have taken several preventative measures to have controlled the long-term roosting and nesting behaviors of the pigeons by using Bird Netting systems underneath the bridge or Stainless Steel Bird Spikes or even electronic bird dispersal systems that drive birds away from structures.

Other states may now pay closer attention tho detail when it comes to messy pigeons, they can also be deadly.

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Steven Douglas said...

Thanks for visiting and giving us that perspective.