Wednesday, August 1, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse

Tonight, the evening before we head up to Minneapolis, we heard from friends and family that the I-35W bridge, spanning the Mississippi River, collapsed. There are reports of fatalities and cars trapped under the wreckage in the water, but no reports yet on how many injured or killed. There is also no information yet on how this came about.

That bridge is very familiar to Jenny and me. We both used that bridge almost every day; while she traveled to Bethel University and later the University of Minnesota, and I traveled to Northwestern College. I remember getting stuck in traffic on that bridge one day and sitting there for over a half-hour. I thought about the possibility of it collapsing (just as I do about every bridge I cross). It is a little surreal that it actually did.

Let this situation lead us to prayer and to consider our own fragile lives. One moment we are sitting in traffic, thinking of the minutia of the day, and the next moment we are crushed and drowned in a river. What makes our lives count? What will bring us to our knees before God? Will we continue to ignore his invitations, or will we finally turn to him? We may not have a tomorrow.

Update: So far, the death-toll is seven, with many more injured. Most have been rushed to HCMC in downtown Minneapolis. Others have been taken to various other hospitals in the area. There are also numerous survivors recounting their ordeal.

Update 3: The final death count is fourteen people.

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