Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Second Silly Sign

As I drove to a work site yesterday, I noticed that the road signs have been changed. Not only does it have metric measurements, the metric is receiving preference. I suppose after a certain period of time, the mile measurement in parentheses will be removed altogether. Globalization strikes again! Now only some of our auto-makers and filling stations are holding out against the metric system. Soon we are going to have to buy our "petrol" by the litre.


Anonymous said...

It's about time! The metric system is much better than "standard." I'm glad someone finally has the courage to give you Ludites a push.

Steven Douglas said...

Hello, oh mysterious one, welcome to my blog. Please tell me why you believe the metric system to be so superior to our standard system?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you have never learned anything about the metric system. That is a sad commentary on our education system since you have graduated high school and college and are half way through seminary.

Just as a simple demonstration, please calculate how many inches in 382 miles while I calculate how many centimeters in 382 kilometers...38,200,000...still not done? Where are you stuck? inches in yards? yards in leagues? leagues in miles? Maybe you should just jump from yards to miles. Wait, that didn't help either.

Have I made my point yet? Or do I need to bludgeon you some more? ;-)

Steven Douglas said...

Well, I suppose you have a point. Maybe Luddite was a pretty good descriptor after all. :) I do prefer miles, feet, and inches, but I suppose its just because of tradition.