Sunday, July 8, 2007

Muscle Car Design Wars

There are three real American muscle cars that will be competing for our attention and devotion in the next few years. All three have some retro design aspects. Here's a peek at them head-to-head-to-head.

First, the Ford Mustang: Available in multiple performance and appearance packages. This is the Ford "Shelby" Cobra GT 500.

Second, the Dodge Charger: Also available in multiple performance and appearnce packages. This picture is of the new Charger SRT-8 Superbee, the "Charger on steroids."

Third, the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro: This will likely start with three performance levels to take on the gas-sipping crowd, the "I need a muscle car but can't afford that much muscle" people, and the Tim Taylor "Arh! Arh! Arh! More power!" types.

Each has a sleek beauty and its own devoted fans. Which do you like best?

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