Thursday, July 26, 2007

Latest Landscaping Project Completed 2

Here are some pictures of our latest large project. This one took a very long time as we had to pick-axe our way through layers of clay, rock, and building materials (the means by which new construction builders save money) to put in each garden bed. In the process we battled hot sun, horrible humidity, thunderstorms, biting flies, chiggers, ticks, and the occasional spider bite. The good news is it is finally finished.

This is a limestone wall I built for a hillside-planted ornamental cherry tree. Notice the pipe in the middle picture. I had to add it for drainage due to the clay and the wall. The last picture is a close-up of the finished wall. It has temporary flowers in it as the season for purchasing carpet phlox has ended.

Here is a bed that started out star-shaped and ended-up circular.

Here is a bermed bed that surrounds an electrical transformer box. We had to build it this shape (half-teardrop) in order to fulfill the electric company's requirements.

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