Saturday, June 16, 2007

Two Voices In Ministry

In the spirit of my last post, I wanted to post a link to an interview of Joel R. Beeke by Martin Downes on his blog, Against Heresies. Beeke strikes what I think is the right stance between support and love for one's congregation, and attacking the insidious and sinful viewpoints that can creep in. Similar to what I posted last time, I have found myself growing in this area. I used to feel that truth must be defended and error attacked to the point that the congregation itself did not matter (that those who could not handle the truth should not let the door hit them on the way out). I have learned, though, that there are ways of preserving truth and attacking error both subtly and carefully, with minimal offense. Subtly in that consistent preaching of the word and adherence to the truth is usually better than an outright assault on specific sins perceived, and carefully because we deal with sinful people who often mean well and need direction rather than a swift kick in the pants. I think it was Martin Luther who said that we must distinguish between two groups of troublemakers in the church, those who are vicious dogs themselves, and those who have been bit by the dogs (paraphrase).

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Larry said...

I love that paraphrase of Luther, and would love to hear where it is.

On the necessity to pick and choose battles, while reluctantly entering controversy, I also concur that we must enter, along with White.

That doesn't mean that you and I agree on theology, having said that!

Right now I'm in Angst about people who should know better, who should know that it amounts to salvation by works, concurring with a famous writer's thoughts that we must be loyal and faithful to Christ until death (at some undefined level) or else go to hell no matter what.

One thing the Luther quote helps with, is not everybody's a wolf, but many people are parrots, using slogans and things from others whom they like or whom their friends like, without thinking, especially in this matter.

You're welcome to comment on my blog to, bro, it's I'm mailing myself the address of this blog so I can remember where it is.