Friday, June 22, 2007

A Question

I have recently joined in debate with several others over John Calvin on Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds. I was forced to stop when the debate became bogged down in peripherals. On most blogs I write under the nom de plume Mathaetaes (Greek for disciple). Here is the question: Can we rightly view John Calvin as a murderer for his role in the execution of Michael Servetus? I am interested in your responses as I would like to see the general consensus. By visiting the first link above, you will quickly see where I stand. Remember, this is a public blog, so I ask that grace, respect, and restraint be used by all. Thanks.

Update: Here is another link to a follow-up posting on this subject by Justin Taylor.

Update 2: I was entreated to rejoin the original debate and have done so. The further comments may still be viewed via the first link above.

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