Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello all. I am currently learning how to construct a blog. It is all pretty cool. Keep checking in, I'll be working on it.


steve hansen said...

Love that rabbit video

I noticed some favorite movies missing, Napoleon Dynamite, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure...

Do ya like Mute Math or Family Force 5?

Steven Douglas said...

Yes, those movies were definitely missing... Bill & Ted was alright, but every movie Keanu has been in since has felt a little too much like that one. He gets this wierd, dumb smile and says some surfer-esque thing like "Whoah," or "Dude." It is so distracting that when I see other actors do it I call it "pulling a Keanu."

Also, I don't think I have heard of Mute Math or Family Force 5.

Anonymous said...

I too am quite fond of this commercial. It is very strange and beautiful.

I am so happy you finally started a blog. It fills me with joy and feeds me information.

The sky is blue today. I shall walk one mile and then have a bowl of cereal. I will also have some toast and other stuff too. I am not sure what else I will eat, but I assure you, it will be satisfactory at least.

Some Marketing Guy That Is Impressed By Your Blog.

Steven Douglas said...

Thank you oh anonymous marketing guy. (Who was that masked man?)